Clubs and Activities

Club activities broaden the child’s horizons, both socially and in the particular field. It provides them an opportunity to interact with peers who share common interests. Clubs often combine both recreational and educational factors and help to keep children active and interested in learning.

Our school gives each student the opportunity to be a part of any of the following clubs:

  • ALIVE Club

Amrita Life Skills and Value Education club, aims at creating awareness among students about the rich cultural heritage of our country and the need for living a value based life.


  • Health & Wellness Club

‘Only a healthy body can house a healthy mind’. The club aims at favourably influencing habits, attitudes and knowledge relating to an individual and community.


  • Heritage Club

The Heritage Club was formed in order to create awareness and a sense of belonging among the youth and to familiarize our students with the rich culture and heritage of India.


  • IT Club

The aim of the IT club is to promote and generate interest in Information Technology among students. It provides them the opportunity to discuss and examine the latest developments in the IT field.


  • Literary Club

The Literary club aims to develop and fine tune the literary skills of students. It also tries to develop a taste for literature and works towards improving their writing skills and spoken language.


  • Maths Club

The Maths club is formed with the goal to raise the confidence level of students in the field of mathematics and to help them explore and enjoy the beauty of mathematics inside and outside the school.


  • Nature Club

The Nature club aims at inculcating in students a healthy relationship with Mother Nature. It encourages students to appreciate nature and work towards preserving it.


  • Science Club

The objective of the club is to provide a highly engaging environment to improve and enhance student’s understanding in science through various activities and experiments.


  • Sports Club

The Sports club was formed to ensure that “all work and no play” does not make Jack a dull boy. It provides students the opportunity to explore different kinds of sports.

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